Lightstreamer PCL (Portable Class Libraries) Client 3.0.0
SimpleTableInfo.RequestedMaxFrequency Property

The maximum update frequency for all the items in the table; a 0 value stands for an unspecified limit. If not specified, an unlimited frequency is meant. It can only be used in order to lower the frequency granted by the Metadata Adapter. The update frequency can be specified only for MERGE, DISTINCT and COMMAND Items mode; in the latter case, the frequency limit only applies to consecutive UPDATE events for the same key value. It is ignored if RequestedUnfilteredDispatching() is also set. 

Edition Note: A further global frequency limit is also imposed by the Server, if it is running in Presto edition; this specific limit also applies to RAW mode and to unfiltered dispatching. 


public: __property double RequestedMaxFrequency;
public virtual double RequestedMaxFrequency;
Visual Basic
Public virtual Property RequestedMaxFrequency() As double
thrown when trying to set a maximum frequency that is not compatible with the supplied subscription mode.