Lightstreamer PCL (Portable Class Library) Client 3.1.0
IConnectionListener.OnActivityWarning Method

Notification that the connection is stalled or that the connection is working again after being notified as stalled. A connection is considered stalled in two cases: 

- When nothing has been received on the connection for more than the "ProbeWarningMillis" timeout configured on the ConnectionInfo. In this case, if the connection is notified as stalled and nothing is received for more than the "ProbeTimeoutMillis" timeout configured on the ConnectionInfo, then the connection is forcibly closed with an onFailure notification. 

- When the socket gets interrupted and the consequent automatic attempt of recovering the session is in place. The maximum duration of the recovery attempt is configured through "RecoveryTimeoutMillis" in ConnectionInfo. If the attempt fails, an onFailure notification will follow.  


void OnActivityWarning(bool warningOn);
void OnActivityWarning(bool warningOn);
Visual Basic
Function OnActivityWarning(warningOn As bool) As void
bool warningOn 
if true, issues the warning for a stalled connection; otherwise resets a previously issued warning.