Lightstreamer .Net Adapter 1.11.0
MetadataProviderAdapter.NotifyUser Method (string, string, IDictionary, string)

Extended version of the User authentication method, called by Lightstreamer Kernel, through the Remote Server, in case the Server has been instructed (through the <use_client_auth> configuration flag) to acquire the client principal from the client TLS/SSL certificate, if available. 

In this default implementation, the base 3-arguments version of the method is invoked, where the clientPrincipal argument is discarded. This also ensures backward compatibility with old adapter classes derived from this one. 

Edition Note: https connections is an optional feature, available depending on Edition and License Type. To know what features are enabled by your license, please see the License tab of the Monitoring Dashboard (by default, available at /dashboard). 


public: void NotifyUser(string user, string password, IDictionary httpHeaders, string clientPrincipal);
public virtual void NotifyUser(string user, string password, IDictionary httpHeaders, string clientPrincipal);
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function NotifyUser(user As string, password As string, httpHeaders As IDictionary, clientPrincipal As string) As void
string user 
A User name. 
string password 
A password optionally required to validate the User. 
IDictionary httpHeaders 
An IDictionary-type value object that contains a name-value pair for each header found in the HTTP request that originated the call. Not used. 
string clientPrincipal 
the identification name reported in the client TLS/SSL certificate supplied on the socket connection used to issue the request that originated the call; it can be null if client has not authenticated itself or the authentication has failed. Not used. 
never thrown in this case.  
never thrown in this case.