Papers, Articles, Slides, and Interviews
Lightstreamer Slides

PDF (0.5 MB - 18 pages)

  An introduction to the Real-Time Web paradigms and to Lightstreamer.
Changing the Web Paradigm

PDF (0.4 MB - 6 pages)

  Moving from traditional Web applications to a new streaming-Ajax style. An introduction to Lightstreamer technology and its relation to the Ajax and Comet paradigms.
Lightstreamer White Paper

PDF (0.9 MB - 32 pages)

  A technical white paper regarding the history of push technology and the innovations of Lightstreamer.
Comet and Push Technology


  2007's article introducing the Comet paradigm.
Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Comet


  A description of different Comet architecture for publish/subscribe.
Concrete Comet Examples


  Read and look at live Comet examples in the same page.
Interview with Alessandro Alinone

video (7'12")

  An interview given by Alessandro Alinone (CTO at Lightstreamer) to Jeremy Geelan (Conference Chair of AJAXWorld) in September 2007.
Next Generation Push: a viable technology for web-based FX market data delivery

(0.3 MB - 3 pages)

An article written for e-Forex magazine that highlights how the maturity of AJAX and Comet finally permits the push of live FX market data via the Internet to any browser with low latency and high reliability.
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Lightstreamer MEFTEC Slides

PDF (0.7 MB - 23 pages)

  The slides of the seminar held at MEFTEC: The Benefits of Pushing Real-Time Market Data via a Web Infrastructure.
Other documents are available in Italian language.