Bi-directional Live Data Streaming for Online Games
Managing live data distribution and communication among players, from simple mobile games to sophisticated MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) is easy and reliable with Lightstreamer.
Online gamers are sensitive about network performance. In fact, a lagged, unresponsive game can generate frustration, bad reviews, and mass migrations. Lightstreamer offers game developers and producers of browser-based, mobile, desktop, or console games peace of mind on real-time data streaming. Keep being focused on game design and development, and let Lightstreamer manage the complexities of exchanging real-time data over the Web.
Make Your Multiplayer Games Responsive and Enjoyable
Real-Time Bi-Directional Data Streaming
Live data and messages to and from millions of concurrent players, with a fluid and efficient bandwidth management.
Massively Scalable
Reduce the required bandwidth and operating costs in servicing any size and kind of online gaming platforms.
A Broad Set of Client APIs
Including HTML5, iOS, Android, Unity, .NET, Flash, Java, and many others.
... And More.
Lightstreamer will manage the connections, traverse any possible kind of firewall and proxy, and throttle the data flow to adapt to the network conditions without sacrificing real-time responsiveness and low latency required to make the game appealing.
Developed for Trading, Great for Games
The same algorithms Lightstreamer developed and constantly enhanced in the last decade for world-class online trading institutions can be applied, unchanged, to MMOs, MMORPGs, and immersive virtual 3D worlds for latency reduction and bandwidth optimization.

Walk through this online demo of a simple multiplayer 3D world. Lightstreamer is used in this demo for full-duplex, bi-directional, real-time data delivery using only Web protocols (HTTP and WebSockets).

You can tweak each parameter of the scenario and simulate any flavor of data delivery. Full source code is available on GitHub.
Learn the Details
Case Studies and Demos
Yazino uses Lightstreamer to offer a multiplayer social gaming environment with leaderboards and tournaments. Yazino players can message, socialize, and compete with each other anywhere, including Facebook and native apps.

"We have been very pleased with Lighstreamer's performance and support," said Hussein Chahine, Founder and CEO at Yazino. "Lightstreamer has a reputation for being dependable, scalable, and cross-platform, all of which are important to our future as a fast-growing, multi-channel social casino games publisher."
BananaDarts is a proof of concept of a multiplayer, Leap Motion controlled, dart game running in the browser and using Lightstreamer for its real-time communication needs. The goal of this demo, fully available on GitHub, is to show how a multiplayer game can benefit from Lightstreamer and how easily it can be developed.

Each user controls a dart (the red one), which can be thrown by using the mouse or the Leap Motion controller. The darts of all the other players are visible in real time as well. Players can also interact on a nice chat board.
This GitHub project is forked from FullScreenMario, an HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers. The goal of this fork was quick a proof of concept, developed in two days, to make FullScreenMario multiplayer with Lightstreamer.

It's based on client-side mode:
  • Physics runs on the client side only
  • User's commands (key press, joystick move, device tilt, accelerometer, etc.) are streamed from client to server
  • Commands of all other users are broadcast from server to each client
  • Each client calculates the world independently