TIBCO Expands Event-Driven SOA Capabilities with New Ajax Messaging Service

Scalable Ajax Server Delivers Real-time Data to Web Pages and Application Clients

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 8, 2007 – TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced the planned release of enterprise messaging software – TIBCO Ajax Message Service™ Version 1.0 – that pushes live data and events from servers to Web pages, Ajax applications, and other software.

TIBCO has a long history in facilitating real-time information flow with its enterprise message software by publishing events and messages across a network without the subscribing applications needing to request or "poll" for data. Given the exponential growth of Ajax RIAs, TIBCO sought to incorporate Ajax into its messaging capabilities to support HTTP and provide the opportunity for organizations to offer rich, interactive services and information such as real-time notifications, dashboards, or financial services portfolio management and derivatives data via Web-based infrastructure.

"TIBCO Ajax Message Service is a natural extension of TIBCO's legacy in enterprise message bus technology," said Kathleen Quirk, program manager for IDC's enterprise workplace applications and portal strategies research. "Combining real-time data delivery with a rich client on the front-end provides an enhanced level of usability for business users, and gives developers an enterprise-tested set of technologies to build applications that are more in tune with business information requirements."

TIBCO Ajax Message Service enables data and events to stream to the client over the firewall-friendly HTTP networks that make up corporate intranets and the Web. Further, in keeping with enterprises' preferences to deliver applications to the ubiquitous Web browser, TIBCO Ajax Message Service requires no plug-ins, applets, Active-X controls or software installations to connect. Product functionality highlights include support for multiple concurrent users; performance monitoring; multiplexing to combine message streams over a single HTTP connection; throttling to detect available bandwidth and adjust data flows accordingly; and the filtering of data streams.

"The ability to push data to the browser has been around for a while, however the real differentiation as it relates to enterprise use is with scalability and reliability of such solutions," said Kevin Hakman, director, TIBCO. "TIBCO Ajax Message Service is a specialized server for this purpose. With features such as message multiplexing, filtering, automatic bandwidth detection and data throttling TIBCO Ajax Message Service simplifies the inherent difficulties of scaling such capabilities and makes them turn-key for our customers. Accordingly, TIBCO expects TIBCO Ajax Message Service will deliver tremendous value across the enterprise by further extending event-driven SOA."

In addition, TIBCO also announced an OEM license agreement with Lightstreamer for its high-performance push/streaming engine. Leveraging the Lightstreamer engine as its core, TIBCO Ajax Message Service represents one of the industry's first enterprise software Ajax solution for streaming enterprise data, such as stock quotes, to end user rich internet applications (RIAs). TIBCO Ajax Message Service Version 1.0 will be generally available by the end of May 2007 and can be used with or without TIBCO's award winning Ajax graphical user interface toolkit: TIBCO General Interface™. To learn more about TIBCO's comprehensive Ajax, SOA and Messaging offerings, please visit

About Lightstreamer
Lightstreamer, a legal entity Weswit Srl, is part of Par-Tec Spa. Development began in 2000, originally by the Financial Systems Integration activity within the group, then in 2004 Lightstreamer became an independent 'ISV' to provide Lightstreamer 'push' technology to a wider global market. For more information see where several on-line demonstrations are available.

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