Alpha Theory Selects Lightstreamer for Live Data Delivery

Lightstreamer has been deployed by Alpha Theory for its fundamental Portfolio Management tool.

MILAN, 24th January 2008 -- Lightstreamer has been deployed by Alpha Theory to deliver live data to their Web-based front-end. Alpha Theory is a patent-pending tool, originally designed by a hedge fund, to address the challenges of developing and maintaining an efficient portfolio utilizing expected return. Lightstreamer handles not only the delivery of real-time data from the Financial Markets but also will stream real-time updates between Alpha Theory users.

Lightstreamer is the leading push server for live data distribution based on the Ajax-Comet paradigm (also known as "AJAX Push"). Its server component implements a messaging system based on http that can manage thousands of streaming connections, where data is pushed to the many types of client (Ajax, Flex, Java, .Net, Mobile etc) in a real asynchronous fashion.

"We selected Lightstreamer because it was the clear choice to provide a scalable feature-rich push solution. No other product comes close to matching Lightstreamer's combination of features and affordability to ensure our users are getting the latest market data delivered in real-time to their browser," says Cameron Hight, President of Alpha Theory.

About Lightstreamer
Lightstreamer is a scalable and reliable Server used to push live data to Rich Internet Applications. Based on the AJAX-Comet paradigm, it streams real-time data to any Web browser, without installing anything on the client. Both HTML and Flex applications can receive data from Lightstreamer, as well as traditional thick clients. Lightstreamer has been used in many mission-critical production systems, where scalability, low network impact, bandwidth management, adaptive streaming, and other advanced features, have proven fundamental. The development of Lightstreamer began in 2000, as part of a system Integrator’s activity for the Italian financial market. In 2004 Lightstreamer was separated into an independent ISV (legal entity Weswit Srl) to provide 'push technology' to a wider global market. For more information see where several on-line demonstrations are available.

About Alpha Theory
Alpha Theory™, the financial community’s leading real-time decision process tool, is the premier solution used by fundamental portfolio managers to develop an efficient portfolio utilizing expected return. Alpha Theory™ leverages research and instinct to build a repeatable system for optimally sizing positions. For more information and a demo, see