Lightstreamer & Valemobi to offer Real-time iPhone Apps in Brazil

Lightstreamer, the streaming engine for AJAX applications, has signed a distribution partnership agreement with Valemobi in Brazil.

Milan, 22nd July 2009 –- Lightstreamer and Valemobi from Sao Paulo, Brazil, have signed an agreement where Valemobi will distribute Lightstreamer’s push technology as part of Valemobi's platform for Real-time iPhone solutions.

"We chose Lightstreamer because this is the state-of-the art middleware for distributing real-time data. Lightstreamer has proven it’s mature enough for financial mission-critical applications, and it will be part of our mobile data distribution suite for the Brazilian Stock Exchange, the ValeBroker, says Leonardo Magalhães, CTO at Valemobi.

Lightstreamer is the leading push server for live data distribution based on the Ajax-Comet paradigm (also known as "AJAX Push"). Its server component implements a messaging system based on http that can manage thousands of streaming connections, where data is pushed to the many types of client (Ajax, Flex, Java, .Net, Silverlight, iPhone etc.) in a real asynchronous fashion.

"Valemobi is working as our partner in Brazil to provide support and sales in the local market." says Simon Walmsley, Vice President of Sales at Lightstreamer.

About Lightstreamer
Lightstreamer is a scalable and reliable Server for pushing live data to Rich Internet Applications. Based on the Comet paradigm, it streams real-time data to any Web browser, without installing anything on the client. HTML, AJAX, Flex, AIR, Silverlight clients, as well as Java, .NET, iPhone applications, can receive live data from Lightstreamer. Lightstreamer has been used in many mission-critical production systems, where scalability, low network impact, bandwidth management, adaptive streaming, and other advanced features, have proven fundamental. For more information see, where several on-line demonstrations are available.

About Valemobi
Valemobi is specialized in mission-critical applications and products for iPhone and other mobile technologies, delivering its services for banks and financial institutions in Brazil and over the world. Valemobi’s team is able to work and accomplish high complex projects for its clients, with a senior team of consultants. Currently the company is working on the ValeBroker, a stock trade platform which will run on many types of modern mobile devices, including iPhone, Android and other emerging technologies. For more information on Valemobi please visit