Weswit's Flagship Product Lightstreamer Powers Node.js with Real-Time Data Streaming

The new module adds powerful real-time messaging features to the Node world by connecting the Node.js server to the Lightstreamer server, which offers unique features and better performance compared to other solutions such as Socket.IO.

MILAN, ITALY -- (PRWeb – July 16, 2013) -- Weswit, the global leader in Real-Time Web solutions, announced the public release of a Node.js adapter for its flagship product Lightstreamer. By using this module, Node developers can add a powerful real-time communication engine to a standard Node.JS server and deliver live data more easily and reliably, without caring for low-level network details.

Lightstreamer is a stand-alone server, optimized for real-time data delivery. With a rich set of client libs, it can reach any kind of client application, be it browser-based, mobile, or desktop. Lightstreamer can traverse any proxy and firewall, with bi-directional data streaming. It provides pub/sub APIs for any type of messaging pattern (broadcasting, multicasting, unicasting). And it is the only solution to offer adaptive throttling and bandwidth management, with dynamic data filtering.

The new Lightstreamer adapter is an open-source Node.js module, which takes care of managing the communication between any Node.js application and the Lightstreamer server. The connections with the clients are maintained by the Lightstreamer server itself, thus allowing the Node server and the Node application to focus on actual logic rather than handling complex and heavy network tasks. Any Node applications now has direct access to the full-blown Lightstreamer Adapter API (which are also available for Java and .NET).

Lightstreamer is currently the most mature solution for delivering real-time messages to browser-based and mobile applications based on web protocols, such as WebSockets and HTTP. With thirteen years of continuous evolution and a growing number of customers, ranging from small size startups to Fortune 500 companies, like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, and Lockheed Martin, the Lightstreamer technology has been supplied to many world-class financial institutions, as well as aerospace, military, energy, gaming, sporting, and entertainment companies. HTML5, JavaScript, Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WinRT, BlackBerry, Java, .NET and many more client-side technologies are supported.

Lightstreamer has been benchmarked vs. Socket.IO, another Node-based streaming engine, under a simple and replicable apple-to-apple broadcasting scenario. Lightstreamer exhibited better performance, in terms of both CPU utilization and data latency (see the links below for detailed data).

“We are extremely satisfied with this new release and the results of the benchmarks we published, and we are confident that both will tickle the Node.js community's curiosity as well,” commented Alessandro Alinone, co-CEO and CTO at Lightstreamer. “This new module will be an excellent alternative to Socket.IO for Node.js developers who need a massively scalable, rock-solid data streaming solution. Offloading the real-time communication handling to Lightstreamer will allow developers to save time by focusing completely on their own applications and architecture rather than worrying about the real-time protocol aspects.”

In addition to massive scalability, Lightstreamer offers several unmatched features, such as the ability to throttle the data flow on the fly and even resample the data based on the available bandwidth and the current latency. Lightstreamer uses an extremely optimized protocol that transports data under the form of small variations (deltas). All of the Lightstreamer features are now available to any Node.js application.

To use the Node Adapter, download Lightstreamer and install the module from the NPM registry. Full documentation and example code are available.

For more information on the new Node.js module, please see the links below:

About Weswit
Weswit, with its flagship product Lightstreamer, is a global leader in real-time web streaming solutions. Since the beginning, Weswit has been focused on real-time technologies aimed at making the Web a live environment, and superseding the traditional web paradigm, where any update had to be "pulled" by the client rather than "pushed" by the server.

Weswit has provided Lightstreamer to a growing number of companies ranging from small size start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, including top-tier financial institutions, as well as aerospace, military, energy, gaming, sporting, media and entertainment companies. In 2012, Weswit has been recognized as a "Cool Vendor in Application and Integration Platforms" by Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

Weswit has thousands of free users and hundreds of customers worldwide, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, NASA, Sony Music, Honeywell,, Paddy Power, SocGen, UBS, IG, City Index, ICAP, Fixnetix, and many others.

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