Weswit and Neotys Teamed Up to Integrate Lightstreamer in Performance Testing Software NeoLoad

Weswit announced full support for the Lightstreamer real-time data streaming technology in the new release of Neotys' load and performance testing software NeoLoad

MILAN, ITALY -- (PRWeb - December 17, 2013) -- Weswit, a global leader in Real-Time Web solutions, today announced that its flagship product Lightstreamer will be fully supported in Neotys' load and performance testing software NeoLoad. Neotys' solution allows to cost-effectively and easily evaluate web application performance and scalability.

“Neotys is proud to deliver to the market a plugin architecture enabling performance testers to generate any type of text or binary message stream transported by WebSocket. NeoLoad now enables excellent load testing for those business critical applications powered by Lighstreamer”, said Laurent Gaudy, VP Partners & Alliances at Neotys. “Load testing with NeoLoad enables you to test your Lighstreamer applications' behavior under stress and validate the performance while pinpointing any bottlenecks which means you can move into production with peace of mind and at a reasonable cost”, he concluded.

“The latest release of NeoLoad is simply impressive for the features it offers”, commented Alessandro Alinone, co-CEO and CTO at Weswit. “Dealing with projects which need to scale up to million of users, this is a very effective solution to stress-test any mission-critical applications powered by Lightstreamer”, he added.

Lightstreamer is a highly enginereed server for delivering real-time messages to browser-based and mobile applications, using WebSockets and HTTP. Features include dynamic throttlong, bandwidth and frequency control, delta delivery, and total control over security and the quality of service.The Lightstreamer technology has been supplied to many world-class financial institutions, as well as aerospace, defense, second-screen, gaming, logistics, and entertainment companies.

NeoLoad allows users and developers to perform web and mobile applications testing easily and more efficiently. Features include real-time statistics, flexible parameters setting without scripts, a wide set of preconfigured monitoring and threshold alerts for server load, and smart highlighting of applications’ critical performance issues.

NeoLoad enables users to load test Lighstreamer-based applications with up to milions of connections, including record and playback capability. Testers handle Push over WebSocket to monitor the responses sent by the server, whether the stream is made of text-based and/or binary messages. NeoLoad provides detailed performance metrics such as the time to establish the connection and the time to send a request on the connection.

NeoLoad 4.2 by Neotys was released on November 5, 2013.

About Weswit
Weswit, with its flagship product Lightstreamer, is a global leader in real-time web streaming solutions. Since the beginning, Weswit has been focused on real-time technologies aimed at making the Web a live environment, and superseding the traditional web paradigm, where any update had to be "pulled" by the client rather than "pushed" by the server.

Weswit has provided Lightstreamer to a growing number of companies ranging from small size start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, including top-tier financial institutions, as well as aerospace, defense, second-screen, gaming, logistics, media and entertainment companies. In 2012, Weswit has been recognized as a "Cool Vendor in Application and Integration Platforms" by Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

Weswit has thousands of free users and hundreds of customers worldwide, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, NASA, Sony Music, Honeywell,, Paddy Power, SocGen, UBS, IG, City Index, ICAP, Fixnetix, and many others.

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About Neotys
Since 2005, Neotys has helped over 1,500 customers in more than 60 countries enhance the reliability, performance, and quality of their web and mobile applications. The best-in-class NeoLoad load & performance testing solution is flexible, easy to use with infinite scalability from the cloud and support for all web 2.0 and mobile technologies. All this is backed by a dedicated team of Neotys professional services and support to ensure your success.

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