Lightstreamer 6.0 Released By Real-Time Data Streaming Leader Weswit

Weswit, the global leader in real-time web solutions, released Lightstreamer 6.0 with exciting new features, including support for Android (GCM) and iOS (APNs) push notifications, and a brand new real-time monitoring dashboard

MILAN, ITALY -- (PRWeb - January 26, 2015) -- Lightstreamer 6.0 is the latest version of a highly engineered enterprise solution for real-time data streaming to and from any web-based, mobile, tablet, and desktop application.

Lightstreamer 6.0 introduced support for native push notifications for Android (Google GCM) and iOS (Apple APNs). Push notifications are the best way to send live data to a mobile app when the app is not running. When the app is active, the typical Lightstreamer's streaming (based on Web protocols) take place, with high throughput, low latency, and low bandwidth. But when the app is not active, push notifications still allow you to send data to the app.

A world-class monitoring dashboard is available in Lightstreamer 6.0. It is configured to work out of the box and provides many real-time metrics and statistics on the behavior of the Lightstreamer Server. The dashboard is organized in four tabs which include a visual representation of the Lightstreamer architecture, with several overlays containing the key metrics (connections, sessions, throughput, memory, thread pools, etc.), real-time graphs and logs. The Monitoring Dashboard is a convenient means of watching the server for both developers and systems administrators.

This new version also includes a renewed, simplified installation welcome page and a wide set of demos with full source code, for a quick start. The documentation of Lightstreamer has been further revised and improved. A new SDK has been included in the Lightstreamer distribution ("sdk_adapter_java_remote") with all the resources need to develop remote Java Adapters. Other new features include fully compatibility with the PROXY Protocol, and many other improvements.

"We are truly excited to bring Lightstreamer to the next level again with this release", commented Alessandro Alinone, company's co-CEO and CTO. "The new features and general improvements we introduced with Lightstreamer 6.0, together with the outstanding support service we manage to offer, will help keep it the best choice for any size of projects that require live data".

Lightstreamer has been widely adopted by top tier companies for integration into business' mission-critical systems. It satisfies key requirements such as: high scalability, low bandwidth consumption, smart firewall traversal, adaptive throttling, and total reliability demonstrated by a solid track record.

About Weswit
Weswit, with its flagship product Lightstreamer, is a global leader in real-time web streaming solutions. Since the beginning, Weswit has been focused on real-time technologies aimed at making the Web a live environment, and superseding the traditional web paradigm, where any update had to be "pulled" by the client rather than "pushed" by the server.

Weswit has provided Lightstreamer to a growing number of companies ranging from small size start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, including top-tier financial institutions, as well as aerospace, defense, second-screen, gaming, logistics, media and entertainment companies. In 2012, Weswit has been recognized as a "Cool Vendor in Application and Integration Platforms" by Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

Weswit has thousands of free users and hundreds of customers worldwide, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, NASA, Sony Music, Honeywell,, Paddy Power, SocGen, UBS, IG, City Index, ICAP, Fixnetix, and many others.

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