Lightstreamer Server's Scalability
Lightstreamer can scale to millions of concurrent connections with low latency.
Lightstreamer Server is based on a concurrent staged event-driven architecture with non-blocking I/O. This, together with many other sophisticated optimizations refined through the years, makes it extremely scalable.

Performance and scalability depend on many different variables, but as a very rough figure, Lightstreamer has been tested on a single box with: one million connections with low frequency traffic; tens of thousands of connections with very high frequency traffic.

Lightstreamer provides graceful degradation of the quality of service. If the server CPUs saturate, due to wrong capacity planning or to an unexpected traffic spike, the Lightstreamer Server will not block. It will simply start to reduce the update rate evenly on all the connections, while avoiding data ageing at the same time (thanks to optimized delivery).

The Lightstreamer Server can scale both vertically and horizontally.

The Server automatically leverages all the CPUs and cores that are available on that machine, by spawning the right number of threads and avoiding any critical global synchronization point.

Multiple Lightstreamer Servers can be clustered by using any standard Web Load Balancing appliance. Several different clustering and fail-over scenarios are supported.