Real-Time Messaging for Monitoring and Telemetry
Time to distribute real-time data from the field to every people having the opportunity to monitor, analyze, and make smarter decisions.
The enterprise environment has become hungry for real-time information to monitor, to offer stable, high performance in the application ecosystem. Lightstreamer is the best and smartest solution to create alignment and integration between "Operational Technology" (OT) and Information Technology (IT).

Real-time data help organizations to make smart, agile decisions based on facts, without delays. This leads to significant boosts in operating efficiency.
Empower Any Monitoring and Data Analysis Web App with Live Data
Reliable Real-Time Bi-Directional Data Streaming
Push live data to any application and device over the Web, with next to zero latency.
Lower Infrastructure and Bandwidth Requirements
Reduce launch time and operating costs in servicing any size and kind of online platforms.
A Broad Set of Client APIs
Including HTML, JavaScript, iOS, Android, WinPhone, BlackBerry, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, Java, Excel, and .NET.
...And More.
Data flow resampling on the fly to cope with poor connectivity without sacrificing the real-time behavior, bandwidth management, and proxies/firewalls traversing ability.

34th America's Cup race boat positions, external environment parameters, and other telemetry data have been tracked and distributed over the web using Lightstreamer-powered APIs.
Who Is Using Lightstreamer?
Aerospace, defense, transportation, logistics, amd research organizations around the globe are using Lightstreamer to enable their real-time dashboards. Names include: NASA, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Orient Overseas Container Line, and many others.
Supply Chain and Logistics
Big transportation companies use our solutions to monitor cargo and container position; oil and gas producers deploy Lightstreamer to monitor the rig networks.
Airport Check-in Management
International airports are deploying Lightstreamer-based solutions to monitor baggage displacement and other processes.
Mass Notification Systems
Lightstreamer can be integrated for any real-time mass notification service.
Energy Management
In eco-district projects, many parameters on energy consumption and device status are monitored to offer smart-grid capabilities and energy saving results.
Scientific Research
Lightstreamer can be implemented to obtain real-time data for any scientific and technological projects of any dimension.
Traffic Monitoring
Understanding the flow and congestion of vehicular traffic is essential for efficient road systems in cities. Lightstreamer can be implemented to push real-time traffic data over the Web in Smart Cities projects.
Emergency and Crisis Management
Detection, observation, and assessment of situations requiring intervention by emergency responders depends on live data. Real-time dashboards and mobile-based simple and efficient solutions can be valuable when measures must be taken rapidly.
Case Studies
NASA chose Lightstreamer for delivering real-time telemetry data from the International Space Station to web and mobile applications since 2010.

"The technology conforms to Internet standards, supports the throughput needed for real-time space station data, and is flexible enough to work on a large number of Internet-enabled devices," reported the NASA Technical Report #MSC-25253-1, 10/06/2013. "At the time of this reporting, this is the first usage of Web-based, push streaming technology in the aerospace industry."