Pain Releaf Already Here with Lightstreamer: Information Streaming without Applets

Milano, Italy -- October 10th, 2003 -- Time is running out before Microsoft stops support for Java on September 30th 2004. This will inconvenience the use of Java for push solutions that depend on it to deliver Real-Time data for trading applications, giving users the support headache of separately downloading megabytes of JVM upgrades.

For this reason many providers of Real-Time trading solutions might be interested in Lightstreamer as an alternative means to push data without depending on the use of applets. Lightstreamer, which i's already actively in use and available, is a real-time push engine for data streaming to an HTML browser without downloading external components (applets, ActiveX controls or plug ins). It operates over http/https in a light and efficient manner using bandwidth control techniques and passes through any proxy or firewall updating the displayed HTML page data without an entire page reload.

Lightstreamer was originally developed for the distribution of financial information and is particularly suited for online banking and portal applications that need to provide users with Real-Time updates , although it can also be used in any application where a flow of data needs to be continuously distributed.