Lightstreamer will participate at SIA as part of Sun’s Next Generation Trading Initiative

Milan, Italy -- June 8, 2006 -- As a member of Sun Microsystems’ innovative Next Generation Trading (NGT) Platform Lightstreamer will be exhibiting its AJAX (1) compliant Real-Time push technology solution at the SIA Technology Management Conference in New York (June 20-22) on booth 1829.

Next Generation Trading (NGT) is a key initiative by Sun’s financial services segment in cooperation with leading ISVs that offer innovative financial market solutions. NGT demonstrates an alternative way to provide powerful trading solutions without the burden of excessive power consumption under each trader’s desk. As part of this initiative Lightstreamer will be demonstrating (2) both with Sun and on its own booth the "Streaming AJAX" (3) solution for Real-Time data delivery with zero client install.

"Lightstreamer is a high-performance publish/subscribe middleware based on HTTP, tuned to efficiently push real-time data to any kind of client, both ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ " said Alessandro Alinone, CTO of Lightstreamer. "Now Lightstreamer brings the Streaming-AJAX (aka Comet) paradigm to Sun’s Next Generation Trading platform with Real-Time market data for Thin-Client Trading platforms."

"Through continued momentum with our partners, Sun recognizes the value of a comprehensive NGT approach to meet the ever-changing needs of traders with enhanced technology," said Donna Rubin, senior director, worldwide financial services, Sun Microsystems. "The implementation of Lightstreamer with Java, permits traders to focus on maintaining their competitive advantage, while the Lightstreamer server allows for continual access to real time information."

About Lightstreamer
Lightstreamer is a high-performance, Java-based push/streaming engine based on the AJAX-Comet paradigm that delivers real-time textual data to Web browsers and to desktop applications. When using browsers as a client, nothing is installed or downloaded (no applets or ActiveX, but only pure HTML/JavaScript). Lightstreamer was originally developed by the Financial Systems Integration activity of privately held Par-Tec SpA group (founded in 1998). In 2004 a separate company was formed within the group as an ‘ISV’ to provide Lightstreamer 'Push' middleware solutions for streaming real-time Market Data, or any live information, to web browsers and custom application clients. Lightstreamer is compatible with many browsers on the market, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari, etc. For more information see  where several on-line demo’s are also freely accessible.


1   AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a term which describes a Web development method for the creation of interactive applications through the use of HTML, CSS, DOM, XML, XSLT and the XMLHttpRequest object (supported by the latest browser versions).

2 SIA Technology Management Conference June-20-22 NY. Lightstreamer Booth 1829 & Sun Microsystems Booth 2417

3  For reference the paper "Changing the Web Paradigm" is available at