Gissing Software Incorporates Innovative Functionality in Latest Release of Leading Contributions

Collaboration with Lightstreamer and ITRS brings added value to Gissing ConteX users.


London, 16 November 2006 -- Gissing Software, solution specialists in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, today announced the immediate availability of Gissing ConteX MCS 3.73, the latest release of its leading multi contribution system which is used to meet the contribution needs of major financial institutions at more than 50 sites around the globe. The major feature of Gissing ConteX 3.73 is that it includes two new handlers to enable the integration of complementary third-party technologies. These are: Lightstreamer for streaming real-time data to web pages, and ITRS Geneos for real-time application monitoring, allowing users to monitor the performance of all Gissing ConteX MCS output and handlers in real-time. The release also includes an output handler for Bloomberg’s money markets rates feed allowing users to contribute rates directly to Bloomberg ECPX.

Incorporating a Lightstreamer Output Handler within Gissing ConteX 3.73 will allow organisations to stream real-time data to an internal or external website. It is of particular value to trading firms that want to publish live data to clients who don’t have trading terminals, such as smaller investors and retail clients. It also provides a very cost effective way of distributing data internally using streaming AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) so that trading firms can avoid having to license trading terminals for staff that aren’t actually trading. Lightstreamer uses a normal web browser and does not require users to download or install anything on the client or use any ActiveX controls which might compromise stringent firewall policies, making it very attractive and easy to upgrade existing web infrastructures.

Incorporating an interface to the ITRS Geneos product suite within Gissing ConteX 3.73 will allow users to continually monitor the performance of all Gissing ConteX input and output handlers together with basic Kernel information. This enables users to proactively manage and resolve any potential issues that arise, ensuring no disruption to their mission-critical real-time data contributions. Geneos allows institutions to easily and cost-effectively monitor, manage and measure the performance of Gissing ConteX remotely – so that systems administrators can access and monitor the system from anywhere in the world.

Simon Walmsley, VP of Sales for Lightstreamer said: "Our partnership with Gissing Software and the development of a Lightstreamer Output Handler for Gissing ConteX 3.73 enables us to offer a broad range of market data through an off-the-shelf integration with Lightstreamer. Gissing’s ConteX architecture makes it very straightforward to stream data to web users from any suitable data source. Our collaboration with Gissing resulted from client demand and we are already working together on a number of deployments."

Stephen Bates, Managing Director, ITRS Group PLC, added: "Using our recently developed plug-in for Gissing ConteX 3.73, customers will be able to monitor in real-time the status of their Gissing contributions, and view and manage those results through the Geneos Active Console. We have a number of leading financial institutions who have requested this addition to their monitoring capability, and we are pleased to be able to deliver for them."

About Gissing Software
Gissing Software, solution specialists in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, was founded in 1991. Gissing Software counts some of the world's biggest financial institutions among its clients. Almost all of Gissing’s clients are tier one banks and brokers. With over 50 installations globally, Gissing’s products are a byword in the industry for performance and reliability. The company is privately owned and operates from its head office in Bromley, Kent (UK) and its office in New York.
Gissing Software has extensive knowledge of the technology associated with the transforming and routing of real-time data in the financial markets.