Lightstreamer to Ship with Panopticon Enterprise

Lightstreamer has been selected for Panopticon Enterprise deployment.

MILAN, 4th February 2008 -- Lightstreamer has been selected by Panopticon Software for their Enterprise product which is web-deployable and server-based. It enables you to quickly publish Panopticon's interactive data visualizations to the web – to a small staff or to thousands of users. Customers can install and configure the system quickly and get their users up and running with fully interactive visualizations in a system with a light IT footprint and excellent user satisfaction.

Lightstreamer is the leading push server for live data distribution based on the Ajax-Comet paradigm (also known as "AJAX Push"). Its server component implements a messaging system based on http that can manage thousands of streaming connections, where data is pushed to the many types of client (Ajax, Flex, Java, .Net, Mobile etc) in a real asynchronous fashion.

"Lightstreamer gives us some unique capabilities and it was really the only choice for us when we examined all the alternatives. We needed a technology that would allow us to deliver real-time streaming data from a wide variety of sources to web clients. The Lightstreamer system supports Java and .NET environments, which is a critical factor for us. It has very high performance and is designed to be tightly integrated into enterprise-level systems like the Panopticon product. It's really a perfect fit!" says Markus Skytter, CTO, Panopticon Software.

About Lightstreamer

Lightstreamer is a scalable and reliable Server used to push live data to Rich Internet Applications. Based on the AJAX-Comet paradigm, it streams real-time data to any Web browser, without installing anything on the client. Both HTML and Flex applications can receive data from Lightstreamer, as well as traditional thick clients. Lightstreamer has been used in many mission-critical production systems, where scalability, low network impact, bandwidth management, adaptive streaming, and other advanced features, have proven fundamental. The development of Lightstreamer began in 2000, as part of a system Integrator’s activity for the Italian financial market. In 2004 Lightstreamer was separated into an independent ISV (legal entity Weswit Srl) to provide 'push technology' to a wider global market. For more information see, where several on-line demos are available.

About Panopticon

Panopticon offers Visual Business Intelligence software for financial institutions, telecommunications firms and other organizations that must make decisions based on very large datasets and real-time streaming data feeds. The company offers a variety of enterprise and desktop products as well as a comprehensive SDK that allows clients to integrate Panopticon's visualization technology with their own systems and workflows. Panopticon and its clients have won several technology awards from Euromoney and The Banker for their implementations of Panopticon technology. Clients include JP Morgan, Fidelity, Louis Dreyfus, Reuters, and Citi. The company has offices in New York, London and Stockholm.