Weswit Releases Lightstreamer 4.0 For Real-Time Data Push

The New Version of Lightstreamer Software Extends Support to All Mobile Platforms and Boosts Server Scalability for World-Class Real-Time Data Exchange on the Internet

NEW YORK, USA--(Marketwire - June 14, 2011) - Weswit, a global leader in real-time web infrastructure solutions, today announced the general availability of Lightstreamer 4.0, codename Duomo. Lightstreamer is a software solution for pushing real-time data through the Internet with high scalability, low latency, and full coverage of all client-side technologies. With customers as Morgan Stanley in the finance industry and NASA in aerospace, Lightstreamer technology keeps evolving to confirm its position as a reliable partner for mission-critical projects.

This new release introduces a set of new Software Development Kits specifically targeted to the development of real-time mobile apps, with full support for iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. All the other SDKs, covering HTML, HTML5, Flex, Silverlight, and other technologies, have been improved with new features and fixes. The Lightstreamer Server is now twice as fast as before.

"This is an important release, largely driven by feedbacks from the field, thanks to our large customer's base", commented Alessandro Alinone, co-CEO and CTO at Weswit. "Our focus is on keeping developers away from the complexities of directly implementing Comet, WebSockets, and other real-time paradigms, which require years of experience and testing in the wild to achieve good performance and reliability. We provide a clean and rock-solid abstraction that completely hides all these complexities. For example, as far as we know, Lightstreamer is currently the only solution that is able to bypass the buffering mechanisms of Android browser and deliver a true streaming experience. This was achieved via sophisticated compression mechanisms implemented for this purpose."

The new release of Lightstreamer also brings some news with regard to the price model, which is now much more flexible. "Customers have now the possibility to purchase individual features to add to the base editions of the product, without obligation to choose the whole upper edition", said Mauro Fantechi, co-CEO and Chairman at Weswit. "Furthermore, a brand new license rental model is available, along with the current perpetual license model."

About Weswit Srl

Weswit Srl is a software company focused on the development of Lightstreamer, the leading solution for pushing real-time data through the Internet. Lightstreamer streams real-time data to any desktop and mobile web browsers and apps. HTML, HTML5, Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Java, and .NET technologies are supported, with bidirectional data push. With twelve years experience in real-time messaging, Weswit has provided Lightstreamer technology to many financial institutions, as well as aerospace, military, gaming, sporting, and entertainment companies. Weswit has thousands of free users and hundreds of customers worldwide, including Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, DnB NOR, IG Group, City Index, Deutsche Boerse, Commerzbank, Fixnetix, Patsystems, ICAP, Sony Music, bwin-party Digital Entertainment, NASA, and Lockheed Martin. For more information please visit