Lightstreamer to Power DCM Capital's Trading Platform

The Lightstreamer technology has been selected by DCM Capital for its CFD, Forex and Spread Betting platform with unique social media sentiment analysis tools.

MILAN, ITALY -- (Bobsguide- November 12, 2012) – Weswit, a global leader in Real-Time Web solutions, announced that DCM Capital has selected Lightstreamer to push prices, sentiments, and news in real time within its CFD, Forex and Spread Betting platform, which will feature an innovative sentiment analysis technology based on social media.

DCM Capital's customers will have the opportunity to trade on over 7000 different stocks, currencies and commodities from around the world, and monitor the global social media sentiment on any asset in real time. This information will help to make better informed trading and investment decisions. The launch of the platform is expected for January 2013.

Lightstreamer is the technology that DCM Capital will integrate in its platform for pushing live data over WebSockets and other web protocols, scalable up to millions of users. With a growing number of customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, the solution allows the streaming of any kind of real-time financial data and information across multiple channels and apps, including HTML5, Android, iPhone, iPad, Excel, and many others.

“We are honoured that Lightstreamer is going to be the beating heart of DCM Capital's online trading platform, as it can turn rapidly into a true game-changer”, declared Mauro Fantechi, Co-CEO and Chairman at Weswit. “After many years of fine tuning and a number of successful deployments in the financial industry, our technology keeps being an excellent solution for real-time information delivery in any kind of trading platform”.

"Lightstreamer has enabled us to develop a cutting edge trading platform. It is feature rich and allows for easy integration into any system. We use it for a range of real-time systems within our organisation which would have been impossible using other technologies. Throughout development the Lightstreamer support team have helped us make the Lightstreamer integration into our DCM Dealer platform both easy and cost effective”, commented Paul Laight, DCM Capital’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are expecting to have over 2500 customers from around the world within the first half of 2013 after we launch in January with over £100m worth or daily trade volume going through our DCM Dealer trading platform”.

Lightstreamer is made up of a high-performance server, which routes the real-time messages over the web protocols, and a rich set of client libraries, which easily enable any application to send and receive live data in an efficient and reliable way. Lightstreamer can reach any desktop and mobile client, whatever connectivity the user experiences, passing through any kind of proxies and firewalls. Features include bandwidth optimisation, adaptive throttling, data conflation, delta delivery, and total control over the quality of service.

About Weswit
Weswit, with its flagship product Lightstreamer, is a global leader in real-time web streaming solutions. Since the beginning, Weswit has been focused on real-time technologies aimed at making the Web a live environment, and superseding the traditional web paradigm, where any update had to be "pulled" by the client, rather than "pushed" by the server.

Weswit has provided Lightstreamer to a growing number of companies ranging from small size startups to Fortune 500 corporations, including top-tier financial institutions, as well as aerospace, military, energy, gaming, sporting, and entertainment companies. In 2012, Weswit has been recognized as a "Cool Vendor in Application and Integration Platforms" by Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

Weswit has thousands of free users and hundreds of customers worldwide, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, NASA, Sony Music, Honeywell, SocGen, UBS, IG Group, City Index, ICAP, and Fixnetix.