Lightstreamer's Security
Secure connections, authentication, and fine-grained authorization.
Lightstreamer supports secure connections via WSS and HTTPS, based on TLS strong encryption and fully configurable cipher suites. This means the real-time traffic can be completely encrypted.

Lightstreamer offers pluggable security policies. Every authentication and authorization decision can be delegated to the custom Metadata Adapter.

Upon client session creation, the authentication credentials received from the client, together with the HTTP headers (including cookies), the connection properties, and optional client-side certificates, are passed to the Metadata Adapter for validation. The Metadata Adapter is free to query whatever back-end system it needs to decide whether to authenticate a user or not.

Similarly, every subscription and QoS request done by the clients can be authorized by the Metadata Adapter. This includes requests for a given bandwidth and update rate.
Lightstreamer's Monitoring
World-class monitoring dashboard, extensive logging, and JMX.
A powerful monitoring dashboard is available out of the box, which provides many real-time metrics and statistics on the behavior of the Lightstreamer Server. The web-based dashboard displays metrics such as connections, sessions, throughput, memory, thread pools, etc. and plots real-time graphs as well. It shows the log in real time and provides web access to the JMX monitoring objects.
The Monitoring Dashboard is a convenient means of watching the server for both developers and systems administrators.

Lightstreamer offers a very fine-grained configurable logging, with several categories, levels, and appenders. The Lightstreamer log has demonstrated to be a very precious tool to inspect and analyze what happens in the system at any point in time.

Extensive metrics are exposed via a JMX (Java Management Extensions) interface. Most third-party application management and monitoring tools offer a JMX hook, so that Lightstreamer can be instantly integrated with the existing facilities.